About LesPros Entertainment Co.

Hello everyone in Hawaii!!

We welcome your interest in joing the ranks of the finest professional models and talents in Japan!!
Located in Tokyo, LesPros Entertainment Co. is one of the largest artist management company in the country.
We represent the most exclusive models, actors, musicians, and athletes; working with the most known clients in advertising, publishing, broadcasting, and show business in Japan.

Our first nationwide audition held in 2006 took place with more than 20,000 participants.
10 out of 16 applicants who managed to reach the finals made contract with LesPros Entertainment; and 7 landed modeling positions for major fashion magazines.
LesPro's models have been successful in developing their careers into acting, singing, and other show businesses.

Being the second time to host a large-scale audition, LesPros Girls Audition 2008 is determined to discover new talents!
Conventions are held in various cities throughtout Japan; and Hawaii in addition.
This year, Hawaii was specially chosen as a auditioning location, due to the the growing needs and popularity of Japanese-American girls in the industry.
We are confident that Hawaian girls, supported by friendly Hawaii-Japan relationship and their absolute beauty, have high possibilities to succeed in Japan.

So be discovered and come work with us!!
You could be the next covergirl of a fashion magazine, or an award winning actress!!
Your dream starts here at "LesPros Girls Audition 2008"!!

August 1.2008.
From LesPros entertainment Corporation Staffs

LesPros entertainment Corporate Profile

Corporate name: LesPros entertainment Corporation
Foundation: February, 1991
Capital stock: 10 million yen
Location: postal code 153-0064
1-8-1, Shimo-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Japan
Alko tower the 10th floor
President & CEO: Takashi Homma
Principal business: Management and production of talent and models
Planning and production of TV, public performances, and publishing
Planning and production of advertising
Agency operations
Associated company: Levieplus Corporation
Holstein Corporation
Brangista Corporation